Lifetime Spartan Clinton Remembered

Lifetime Spartan Clinton Remembered

Ronald "Fox" Clinton (1936-2019) passed away on Sunday, Jan. 6 at the age of 82.

He came to Creston back in 1964 and worked at Southwestern Community College until 2009 when he retired. During his time, he coached the Spartans in both men's and women's basketball, baseball, softball, and golf. In addition to his coaching responsibilities, he served as the schools athletic director for a period of time. 

Back in 2013, Clinton became the first member of the SWCC Athletics Hall of Fame. 

"The man has coached everything and won at everything,'' former athletic director Bill Krejci said back in 2013. "He is the ultimate coach because he can coach anything.''

Furthermore, Clinton spent time as an official, to add to his long list of athletic achievements. He was named to the Iowa High School Baseball Coaches' Hall of Fame in 1982 and the Officials' Hall of Fame in 1986 and was selected the state football Official of the Year in 1989.

Clinton was cited by his peers as always concerned, first and foremost, with the development of the students and student-athletes he worked with. He treated them first as people, then as students and then athletes.