Iowa Central Asserts Pace in 2017 Region XI Time Trials

Iowa Central Asserts Pace in 2017 Region XI Time Trials

Iowa Central finished first in both the men's and women's divisions of the 2017 Region XI Time Trials on Saturday in Council Bluffs. The Tritons dominated as the men captured three of the top five spots. On the women's side, Iowa Central took home each of the top five finishers. 

"We have had a few really good and really tough weeks of training," said Triton head coach Dee Brown.

Jhordan Ccope (men) and Adva Cohen (women) cruised to victory as each finished seven seconds ahead of second place. 

On the men's side, the Tritons are looking to win their first title since 2015, while the women are looking to get over the hump after placing 2nd in 2015 and 4th in 2016 at the NJCAA Championships. 

"We will not be complacent, these athletes are very excited to work harder and achieve more." Brown said. 

The NIACC Trojan men squad performed well, finishing second. Led by Brian Jacques, the Trojans took four of the top 15 spots including three finishes inside the top eight.

"Hopefully we understand a little bit more how competitive this conference will be this year," said head coach Curtis Vais. 

In his 14th season as the leader, Vais knows the ICCAC and how to progress throughout the year. 

"We really don't go into the Time Trials with too many goals. It gives the team an idea what it will take to be all-region and place well as a team come October. We use it as a workout for the week."

The surprise of the meet was Hawkeye. Johanna Topham was the only non-Triton runner to finish in the top 8 on the women's side as she placed 6th. 

"I was very pleased with the impact Hawkeye made in their first meet," Brown said.

The RedTails are led by Micah Ruroden, a former member of the Tritons in 2004 and 2005. 

"He is a hard worker and I knew his teams would come out of the gate strong," Brown said of Ruroden. "I cant wait to see how they finish this year and progress over the next few seasons. 

Hawkeye finished third on the women's side and fourth on the men's side. 


Men's Results 



  1. Iowa Central - 26pts
  2. NIACC - 51pts
  3. Iowa Western - 73pts
  4. Hawkeye - 81pts
  5. Indian Hills - 114pts
  6. Southwestern - 166pts

Individual (Top 15)

  1. Jhordan Ccope, Iowa Central - 15:36.75
  2. Ezekiel Kipchirchir, Iowa Central - 15:44.87
  3. Brian Jacques, NIACC - 15:50.73
  4. Innocent Murwanashyaka, Iowa Central - 15:51.14
  5. Brian Kitur, Iowa Western - 16:01.77
  6. Dennis Kibown, Iowa Western - 16:01.77
  7. Blake Keller, NIACC - 16:07.38
  8. John Kraft, NIACC - 16:10.65
  9. Abdinasir Abdi, Iowa Central - 16:14.02
  10. Gemechu Meskele, Iowa Central - 16:25.23
  11. Clayton Grainger, Indian Hills - 16:26.52
  12. Peter Torkleson, Hawkeye - 16:31.34
  13. Herric Walters, Iowa Western - 16:33.35
  14. Samuel Dean, NIACC - 16:35.21
  15. Landon Boomsma, Hawkeye - 16:36.82

Women's Results



  1. Iowa Central - 15pts
  2. Iowa Western - 63pts
  3. Hawkeye - 71pts
  4. NIACC - 95pts
  5. DMACC - 124pts

Individual (Top 15)

  1. Adva Choen, Iowa Central - 18:41.09
  2. Agnes Mansaray, Iowa Central - 18:48.44
  3. Aaliyah Regg Wajid, Iowa Central - 19:33.11
  4. Abeba Sullivan, Iowa Central - 19:46.61
  5. Marta Lukijaniuk, Iowa Central - 19:54.27
  6. Joanna Topham, Hawkeye - 19:59.19
  7. Katy Pfile, Iowa Central - 20:15.62
  8. Sierra Stucky, Iowa Central - 20:25.18
  9. Olivia Russo, Iowa Western - 20.44.24
  10. Asshanni Robb, Iowa Western - 20:56.77
  11. Kaylee Ford, Indian Hills - 20:56.85
  12. Shea Dahlstrom, Hawkeye - 21:17.50
  13. Mikki Mundus, Hawkeye - 21:30.19
  14. Naomi Alvarez, Iowa Central - 21:40.53
  15. Caitlyn Juhl, Iowa Western - 21:56.91